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Jane Cooper is a researcher and writer. Undertaking policy research by day, by night she escapes into the history of the early 20th century. Working on and off in the former Soviet Union over the past ten years, she has developed a particular interest in the experiences of Western women in Eastern Europe in the first quarter of the previous century.

Jane Cooper

“So many stories inevitably get lost in history. Once in a while, I find one that I want to pick up, dust off and understand. I am driven by curiosity. I am fascinated with the opportunities presented by the latest technologies that allow us to probe old documents and reconstruct earlier lives. I love how the intersection between archival resources and digital resources has given us new ways of reading history. I want to uncover lost stories; to explore how the iterative bouncing between the online and the offline lets us home in on, and spin out from, and then return again to a subject until some kind of meaning emerges.”