Book Clubs

Are you looking for a book for a Canadian women’s book club? The Canadian Nightingale is the true story of a Canadian woman who rode the first wave of feminism to build an international career in music 100 years ago. It has all the ingredients of a good read that will spark a great discussion: ambition, adventure, romance, and tragedy.

Here are some ideas for putting together your book club meeting.

  1. Order the book here.
  2. Chose some questions from our list of suggested discussion questions. (Coming soon.)
  3. Play a couple of songs from Bertha’s Playlist.
  4. Contact the author for a Q&A session (in person within 1.5 hours of Ottawa, or by Skype anywhere.)
  5. Finish up with some tea and homemade Polish desserts. After more than 15 years in Poland, Bertha told the Toronto Star in 1934, “I have learned to like the rich Polish dishes” …